its simpler than you imagine. all you have to do, is click on the "pick up from" button, and enter the pickup address. Then proceed to click on the "Deliver to" and enter the Delivery address. After that you can proceed to input the Item worth, and Package type on the next page. Proceed to View your cost for the order, after which you proceed to enter the receiver and/or client details as directed. You can choose the one/off payment if you want our services for just one time, or Register/Login to have access to numerous featureslike extra 1% on every wallet top up, etc.

It takes about 2-5minutes for your order to be assigned to a rider, who'll contact and be available to pick up in no time.

No, at this time we only focus on providing VIP logistic services for Lagosians.

Once your order has been assigned to a rider, you'll receive an email with the riders contact details.

of course. on CHB logistics track page you can input your tracking ID and track your package online.

Yes, we seal your packages to assure the receiver that during the time of transit your package was not tampered with.

Quite simple. The CHB economy membership is always available from your profile, you can always choose to upgrade and do so by topping your wallet with the Instructed amount.

Less fees per delivery. basically you get lot of discounts, as much as 40% or less on several orders.

top up wallet to receive additional 1% fee.

If you want to engage our bike hire service, its simple. Apply and we assign a driver to you.

We have a complaint section you can drop any complaints and we'll attend to you as soon as possible.

Simply contact support with your parcel ID and get your OTP immediately.